Creating a market for biosolids by blending with other waste streams to produce a range of high value tailored fertilisers

Project 2A

Current uses of biosolids as fertiliser are largely in low-value landscaping applications, where tailored and consistent formation is not required. A shift to using biosolids in high value agricultural and retail products will require tailored formulations, informed by robust testing, resulting in known impact on target plants and easy, cheap delivery (e.g. concentrated, dry, granular products).

Achieving desirable nutrient formulation may be best achieved by blending with other waste streams, such as food and chicken waste.

Challenges to be tackled by the Centre are those that contribute to meeting goals for plant nutrition, growth, yield, and final product quality and safety in terms of pathogens and contaminants. Goals may also be regionally specific; for example, the need for low phosphorus (P) formulations in areas with P-enriched soils and environmentally unacceptable off-farm P movement, such as Peel Harvey in Western Australia.

Target industries could include turf, specific ornamentals, fruit trees and vegetable crops (home or commercial), and broadacre crops.

The Masters student will focus on optimising and integrating unit operations such as composting, drying and granulation, while the PhD student will look at developing and testing different recipes to tailor end product suitable for various applications in horticulture, agriculture and greenhouses.

The ICPD will work with the HDRs and also independently perform horticulture, agriculture and greenhouse trials to develop recommendations for industry.

Our team


Prof Megan Ryan

Lead Chief Investigator

University of Western Australia


Prof Anas Ghadouani

Chief Investigator

University of Western Australia


A/Prof Michael Burton

Chief Investigator

University of Western Australia


Dist. Prof Andy Ball

Chief Investigator

RMIT University

Liah 2

Dr Liah Coggins

Industry Centre Post doc
University of Western Australia

Bede MickanV2.PNG (2)

Dr Bede Mickan

Industry Centre Post doc
University of Western Australia

Kraiwut - 3

Kraiwut Jansriphibul

PhD Candidate (ICHDR)
RMIT University


A/Prof Thomas Wiedmann

University of New South Wales