Centre governance and operations team

A Centre governance and operations team will ensure all objectives of the Centre are met within the proposed budget and timeframe, as well as delivering effective outcomes. It covers the management of both training and research components and their interactions, as well as communications. The structure laid out will enable meaningful engagement between investigators, industry, industrial growth centres and government agencies. These groups will be brought together through the following:

1) Strategic Advisory Committee

2) Executive Management Committee – including the Centre leadership team

3) Research Advisory Committee

4) Training Committee

5) Communications Adoption & Translation Committee

6) Annual Symposium Organising Committee

Strategic Advisory Committee

Details coming soon

Executive Management Committee


Dist. Prof Andy Ball

Centre Director
RMIT University


A/Prof Kalpit Shah

Centre Deputy Director (Academic)
RMIT University


Dr Aravind Surapaneni

Centre Deputy Director (Industry)
South East Water

Elissa McElroy

Elissa McElroy

Centre Manager
RMIT University


Prof Damien Batstone

University of Queensland


Prof Megan Ryan

University of Western Australia


Prof Richard Stuetz

University of New South Wales

Research Advisory Committee

Details coming soon

Training Committee

Details coming soon

Communications Adoption & Translation Committee

Details coming soon

Annual Symposium Organising Committee

Details coming soon