Centre governance and operations team

A Centre governance and operations team will ensure all objectives of the Centre are met within the proposed budget and timeframe, as well as delivering effective outcomes. It covers the management of both training and research components and their interactions, as well as communications. The structure laid out will enable meaningful engagement between investigators, industry, industrial growth centres and government agencies. These groups will be brought together through the following:

1) Strategic Advisory Committee

2) Executive Management Committee – including the Centre leadership team

3) Research Advisory Committee

4) Training Committee

5) Communications Adoption & Translation Committee

6) Annual Symposium Organising Committee

Strategic Advisory Committee


Strategic direction, initiatives and alliances. Review of the business environment and ensuring the Centre’s strategic objectives, outcomes and outputs are met.


Dr Barry McGookin – Chair

Professor Ian Pepper

Professor Stephen Smith

Dr Simone Warner

Professor Ravi Naidu

Mr John Webster

Dr Virginia Brenton

Executive Management Committee


Dist. Prof Andy Ball

Centre Director
RMIT University


Prof Kalpit Shah

Centre Deputy Director (Academic)
RMIT University


Dr Aravind Surapaneni

Centre Deputy Director (Industry)
South East Water

Elissa McElroy

Elissa McElroy

Centre Manager
RMIT University


Prof Damien Batstone

University of Queensland


Prof Megan Ryan

University of Western Australia


Prof Richard Stuetz

University of New South Wales

Research Advisory Committee


Align Centre with industry priorities; evaluate Research Plans and project progress, and provide commentary on whether industry issues are being addressed.


Dr Judy Blackbeard – Chair

Dr Alex Keegan

Mr Elliot Lee/Ms Amy Curnow

Mr Joe Taylor

Dr Bede Mickan

Mr Philip McLean

Professor Damien Batstone

Professor Megan Ryan

Professor Richard Stuetz

Ms Elissa McElroy

Training Committee


Oversee equity in student and researcher recruitment processes, their training program and industry placements. Assess training needs and development of new industry training tools to ensure the Centre provides industry-ready post graduates.


Dr David Bergmann – Chair

Mr Jason Cotton

Mr Carlos Moreno

Mr Naren Narenthiran

Mr Bill Richmond

Mr Peter Olah

Mr Grahame Simpson

Mr Tim Gubbin

Associate Professor Michael Burton

Professor Susanne Schmidt

Professor Thomas Wiedmann

Professor Stuart Khan

Dr Aravind Surapaneni

Ms Karen Rouse

Ms Elissa McElroy

Communications Adoption & Translation Committee


Connect research activities with translation; engage champions, articulate and identify vehicles for translation and drive identification of impacts the Centre and industry partners want to achieve. Create capacity-building opportunities and transform the way researchers think about their research.


Professor Anas Ghadouani – Chair

Professor Lauren Rickards

Professor Denis O’Carroll

Dr Jason Dwyer

Dr Aravind Surapaneni

Ms Elissa McElroy

Annual Symposium Organising Committee


Plan for a 2-day Annual Symposium; align the program with Centre KPIs, ensure diversity of presenters, finalise a program and ensure it delivers both scientific and training modules.


Dr Aravind Surapaneni – Chair

Dr Ruth Fisher

Dr Sarvesh Soni/ Dr Leadin Khudur

Ms Elissa McElroy