Biosolids seminar series - How to write and review abstracts and publications - Presenter: Prof Damien Batstone, UQ

Author Editor
Date March 2022

With the upcoming Transforming Biosolids Annual Symposium due to feature many of our researcher’s current work, our Seminar series featured a presentation for all our Training Centre researchers from our Theme 3 lead, Professor Damien Batstone on how to write, and also review, conference Abstracts.

Professor Damien Batstone is Director of the Australian Centre for Water and Environmental Biotechnology at University of Queensland, where he leads environmental biotechnology and resource recovery research programmes. His research work has focused on renewable energy from biomass, production of commodity chemicals from renewable sources, and the water-energy-food nexus, including production of novel chemicals and feeds for aquaculture from gases such as hydrogen. He joined UQ in 2006 as a research group leader, following previous positions at Danish Technical University, and Lund University, and has had a long association with Water Research, having served on the editorial board for over 15 years.

Damien’s presentation provided a practical guide on the key elements required in an Abstract and provided researchers with a template to follow.

Our recording of Damien’s presentation and his Abstract template can be found on our Partners & Friends Sharepoint: 2Prof Damien Batstone – How to Write and Review abstracts and publications

Our thanks for a great presentation!