Biosolids Seminar Series - National & International Perspectives on the Future of Biosolids - Presenter: Dr Aravind Surapaneni

Author Editor
Date April 2022

Dr Aravind Surapaneni is Deputy Director – Industry for the ARC Training Centre for the Transformation of Australia’s Biosolids Resource” based at RMIT Bundoora campus.

In addition, Aravind is a Program Manager for IWN’s Biosolids and Resource Recovery Program.

He is also Principal Scientist Soils, Biosolids and Groundwater at South East Water where his role is to drive recycled water, biosolids, waste management, soils and groundwater programs that will contribute to the understanding and management of product risk.  He is responsible for leading water industry and academic research programs and collaborations at state and national level.

Aravind also develops business opportunities and creates industry-focused strategies to deal with common industry problems with an aim to developing cost-effective and sustainable solutions to water industry.

From August 2022 until February this year, Aravind had the opportunity to attend 6 conferences in Australia and the UK. He presented his talk to update us on what he learned from these opportunities and to knowledge-share key aspects with industry.

Our recording of Aravind’s presentation and his slides can be found on our Partners & Friends Sharepoint: 4 – Dr Aravind Surapaneni – National & International Perspectives on the Future of Biosolids

Our thanks for a great presentation!