Second Annual Symposium 2022
Day 2 Highlights

Author Editor
Date 23 December 2022

Day 2 – Tuesday 6 September

Second day of the Second Annual Symposium was just as outstanding as the first day with another great turnout. There were around 94 in-person attendees and 93 online attendees from across industry and research.

The program included a keynote speech from Prof Glen Daigger, from University of Michigan on the Global perspectives on Thermal Technologies. Glen also provided us with an insightful overview and critique at the end of the day.

The final researcher presentations came from those working on Theme 3: Ensuring Biosolids Sustainability. They did a fantastic job highlighting all the researcher’s work and did some great presentations.

People’s choice topic presentations on the State of Play on Biosolids Management were provided by Richard Lancaster, Technical Director Biosolids, Atkins Global on UK and Europe, and Prof Ian Pepper, University of Arizona on North America and Canada.  Closer to home, representatives from Australian councils and water utilities provided an overview on their management of biosolids across Australian states.

ANZBP ran a 2-hour session for us  in the afternoon, introducing who ANZBP are and then providing insights from some of the research that they have done in conjunction with Industry Partners.

To end the Formal Symposium sessions, we had a wonderful Wrap-up, Critique and Feedback session which showed some of the take-aways of the symposium and provided ideas for the 2023 symposium program and approach.

Many thanks to all our presenters who made the first 2 days such a success. We would also like to thank our session Chairs and the researchers who assisted them by Co-chairing the sessions and helping behind the scenes during the symposium, which ensured the smooth running of the program.