The Royal Society of Victoria’s 2021 research medallist – Distinguished Professor Andy Ball

Author Editor
Date September 28, 2021

Today the Royal Society of Victoria has recognised the outstanding work of Centre Director, Distinguished Professor Andy Ball as the recipient of the RSV’s prestigious 2021 Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research.

The medal recognises Andy’s work in ‘Restoring ecosystems and recovering resources‘, citing his extensive research expertise in environmental microbiology and biotechnology, and his focus on

“developing clean, sustainable technologies to remediate environmental contamination, looking for ways of removing contaminants – particularly petroleum hydro-carbons (oil), but also other organic pollutants – from soils, groundwater and water bodies.”

To see the RSV’s full article, refer HERE

Andy will be presenting his work to the Society at a public lecture on 9 December 2021, where he will be presented with the 2021 Medal by the Governor of Victoria.

Congratulations Andy!